Hindu, Hindutva, and Hinduism.

~ Dr Satya Dev Gupta.

Hindu-Hindutva-HinduismThe phrases Hindu, Hindutva, Hinduism, and Cultural Nationalism regularly stay as headlines in newspapers and are regularly mentioned on information channels via panelists and anchors. Many folks get at a loss for words after they face this terminology, and everyone tries to coin its personal definition.

In the existing situation within the Indian political box, there’s a pageant to be Hindu on one facet, and alternatively, there are makes an attempt to denigrate Hindutva. The phrases like Hindu and Hindu Nationalism, which can be taboo in highbrow discourse and are typically assumed for use just for derogatory functions, have unexpectedly taken Central level.

All those that have no idea about Hindu philosophy are growing confusion about Hinduism Hindutva and Hindu nationalism. Unless you pass during the literature relating to Hindus Mystical books like Vedas,Upanishads, Geeta, Epics- Ramayana, Mahabharata, and Puranas, you’ll’t perceive this enigmatic discourse. To know all this Sanskrit and different sister languages ​​must be studied.

However Supreme Court of India defines Hindu, Hinduism and Hindutva, which is learn as “The Constitution makers were fully conscious of the broad and comprehensive character of Hindu religion; and while guaranteeing the fundamental rights to freedom of religion made it clear that- reference to Hindu shall be construed as including a reference to persons professing the Sikh, Jaina or Buddhist religion”.


According to Ram Jethmalani, the Supreme Court has correctly defined the “true meaning” of the time period, and Hindutva isn’t hostility to any arranged faith, nor does it proclaim its superiority of any faith to different”.

What Gurudev Rabindra Nath Thakur writes in his seminal guide ‘Swadeshi Samaj’, is vital on this regard. He says, “To really feel cohesion in variety, to ascertain cohesion among selection – This is underline Dharma of Bharat. Bharat does no longer regard this distinction as hostility, she does no longer regard the opposite as an enemy. That is why with out sacrifice or destruction, she needs to deal with everyone inside of one nice gadget. That is why she accepts all tactics and sees the greatness of every in its sphere

“He further adds, ” Because of this distinctive feature in Bharat we will no longer be worried taking into consideration any society as our opponent. Each recent struggle will permit us to extend ourselves. The Hindu, the Buddhist,the Muslim and the Christian will discover a assembly level. That assembly might not be non-Hindu, however very particularly Hindu”. Hindu concept has no position for dogmatic ideas, and dictatorial, inflexible and unbending doctrines as the existing religions have. What Gurudev Ravindranath narrated is the essence of ‘Bridharnayaka Upanishads’ Simply put,”Sarve Bhavantu Sukhina”-May everybody be at liberty, would possibly everybody be wholesome, would possibly everybody see what’s favorable, and would possibly no person undergo.

India remained a cradle or laboratory the place the entire ideas relating reaching salvation (Mukti or Moksha), issues regarding spiritualism (Adhyatmavad), and concepts of main lifestyles social or private have been practiced fearlessly and dauntlessly. Even the philosophy of Charvaka according to overall materialistic values ​​withno human moralities discovered a spot right here. Thus, in contrast to the opposite religions, Hindu concept isn’t a faith however a Dharma.


Although there’s no single-word translation of Dharma in European languages ​​it’s regularly translated as “righteousness”, “merits” or “religious moral duties”, governing particular person habits. In Hindu philosophy Dharma manner adaptation. The major motives, values, distinctive feature,ethics, and ethical ideals to be practiced in Sanatan Dharma are enshrined in Vedas. Manu narrated ten ethical codes and traits.

“Driti Khyama Damoadteyam, Shocham Indrinigrah, Dhi, Vidya, Satyam Akrodho.” That manner 1Patience,2 Forgiveness, 3 Self-control, 4 Non-stealing, 5purities, 6 management of senses, 7righteous movements, 8 wisdom, 9truth and 10 giving up anger – those are the 10 indications of Dharma.


Hindu is an ideological pamphlet via Vinayak DamodarSavarkar initially revealed beneath the identify “Essentials of Hindutva”in 1923. He narrated that any one who considers India as his motherland (Matribhumi), Holi-Land, aligned to its Cultural, and feels prideas born on this land is Hindu. Hindu Mahasabha, RSS (Rashtriya Sawyam Sevak Sangh) and its sister organizations have recounted the guidelines of VD Savarkar. Present RSS leader Mr Bhagwat believe the be aware “Hindu” as nationality and says, “The word applies to all the 1.3 billion people who call themselves the sons and daughters of Bharatvarsh. Hindutva is nothing else but the soul of being Hindu. Itis like the face value of a digit. For that, if someone is born Hindu and doesn’t know about the teachings of Hindu Dharma or is an atheist and non-believer, he is still called Hindu. Hindutva is an idea or feeling that makes someone feel pride in being Hindu and attaches to the glorious old and living civilization of the world. It binds you to the Cultural Nationalism of India. Hindutva’s teachings lead one to understand the true meanings of the term “The whole world is a family”
(Vasudev Kutumbkam) mirrored within the speech of Swami Vivekananda within the Chicago Parliament of World’s Religions in 1893.


* Hindus, since precedent days, advanced the strategies of calculation of duration beginning with the dimension of time from the short while and going as much as the age of the Creator Bramha based totally upon the ‘Solar Sidhanta’. proper from the time of Vedas, thereby setting up its antiquity.

CARL SAGAN, an American astronomer, and cosmologist, (Big bang concept,cosmos, cosmology,) tells, “Hindu religion is only one of the world’s great faiths dedicated to the idea that the Cosmos itself undergoes an immense, indeed an infinite number of deaths and rebirths. It is the only religion in which the time scales correspond to those of modern scientific cosmology. Its cycles run from our ordinary day and night of Brahma,8.64 billion years long. Longer than the age of the Earth or Sun and about the half time since big bang”. In this context, Hindus have been in a position to explain countless and infinitesimal, (Anant and Shunya).

* The following Mantra from Bridharnayaka Upanishada: states as (Om Purnamadah Purnamidam …… Purnamadaya Purnameva Vishishyatey).
Meaning:” That (The Creator of the universe) is Purna (Full with Divine Consciousness); This (universe and World) may be Purna (Full with Divine Consciousness); From Purna is manifested Purna (From the Fullness of Divine Consciousness the universe and World are manifested).


Now the arena has began to recognize and confess the achievements in tutorial, medical, non secular social, cultural, socio-political, economics, arts, cosmology and so forth via Indians in particular Hindus in previous, provide, and nonetheless has doable for long term attainments. All is completed at the ideas and essence of Hindutva and Cultural Nationalism and Heritage. People who’re in dependancy of speaking all garbage in opposition to Hindus, Hindutva, Hindu Dharma and Indian nationalism will have to find out about indetail the involved topic earlier than passing any filthy feedback.

  • The writer is veteran creator on Hindu Dharma and likewise the President of Trikuta Samvad Kendra.


Courtesy: Daily Excelsior/ The article was once first revealed in DE on Aug 03.08.2022.

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