Reflections on Suffering

This is a Eurasian eagle-owl observed the day past at an area flora and fauna rescue centre. Apparently, those creatures are long-lived and usually outlive their ‘homeowners’. Thankfully there are those that will take care of them when this occurs. Clearly those birds had been born to fly. My middle is going out to such creatures.eurasian-eagle-owl Below is a duplicate of a remark I left to yesterdays post.

Reflecting now I understand that context is all and no longer giving the main points of my lived previous days would have readers consider I used to be discovering humor on the expense of outright cruelty to these Camels. Far from that.

Sometimes what one encounters during an afternoon is SO ‘available in the market’ that one is taken previous outrage and condemnation. One can on the other hand change into numb with the onslaught of unremitting ‘insanity’ to the purpose the place cruelty, lack of awareness and tragedy change into the norm. For many on this global, creatures incorporated, numb is the one possible reaction when demise is shut – incessantly a gradual demise at that. There is not any humor right here AND if one cares to be nonetheless the smile in ones’ middle stays. Bigger, wider and unexplainable.

We had been residing, we’re nonetheless residing and can proceed to are living with such ranges of insanity (struggling) in our global that the opposites, numbness and outrage, destroy in combination taking one previous the ache. And nonetheless one engages.

‘Battle’ in opposition to ‘no matter it may well be’, can change into a lifestyle as can disengagement and passivity. We have the brink of a sword to stability on as we cross onwards.

Painful? Frequently.

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