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Grace and peace to you these days, my pals.

There don’t seem to be fairly as many Kindle deals these days as previously couple of days, however there are nonetheless a couple of price trying out.

(Yesterday at the weblog: Once Again Honestly Assessing Our Decision to Public School Our Kids,

Seeking and Following God’s Guidance

Vance Christie: “Recently while seeking God’s direction about quite a significant ministry decision in my own life, I was encouraged by going back and reviewing some of the specific details of how the Lord led George Muller into his great orphan ministry.” That grew to become out to be a good suggestion.

Entrusting My Treasure

Jennifer McPhail explains how she got here to entrust her treasure to the Lord and his functions.

Honor & respect are culturally bound

“Honoring one another is most definitely a biblical concept.” But, as Stephen explains right here, it is also a idea that must be labored out in step with context and tradition. (I particularly loved his dialogue of the adaptation between American and British/Canadian kinds of giving honor.)

This Journal Fought Beside Me

I admire Grace sharing this account of throwing away a magazine—a in particular vital magazine.

Newsletters aren’t news anymore. But they’re not going away.

Here’s a fascinating tackle the upward push (and most likely settling) of the e-mail publication. “The Substack frenzy turns out like a factor of the previous. But a whole lot of publishers are nonetheless leaning into newsletters. ‘They’re a super minimally viable product.'”

The Filthy Will Still Be Filthy

“Sin is filth. It is soul pollution. It makes us vile in the eyes of God, and no matter how much pride we take in our sin now, we will one day even be offensive in our own eyes. As sinners, we may do everything we can to maintain our delusion that we are honorable, but every one of us has fallen short of God’s glory. We cannot roll in the mire without eventually being repulsed by our condition.”

Flashback: Who Gave You The Right?

The sanctified intuition of the Christian center will have to no longer be to deter however to inspire, to not additional demoralize other folks however to provide them energy, to provide them center, to provide them braveness.


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