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Secret #2: Moving Average Crossover Works Best When You Trade Many Different Markets

It’s easy.

A shifting reasonable crossover works absolute best all the way through trending classes, so that you industry extra markets to seize extra traits, which is able to make you extra money.


Now earlier than I transfer on…

Many buyers make a large mistake as a result of they center of attention so much at the parameter.

For instance, if the 50 MA and 200 MA do not paintings…

They’ll exchange the 50 MA to 35 and alter the 200 MA to 189 MA.

Here’s the article…

If you stay adjusting the parameters to make the tactic paintings, what you are doing is what we name “curve fitting.”

It’s like looking to memorize the query and solutions from final 12 months’s exam papers!

But what occurs when you’re taking that very same examination this 12 months?

Would the solutions that you simply memorized will let you?



Because you’ll be rattling certain that the questions about that examination this 12 months are other!

So, you spot, when the questions exchange just a little, you do not know how to respond to them.

It’s the similar for curve becoming in buying and selling.

Makes sense?

But alright.

Let’s say you do not memorize the solution from final 12 months’s examination paper.

Instead, you attempt to perceive the concept that in the back of the ones questions.

So when you’re taking the examination paper this 12 months, regardless of how a lot they twist and switch the query, if you already know the concept that…

You will also be rattling certain that you are able to solution it.

This leads me to my subsequent secret.

Secret #3: Focus on The Concept, Not the Parameters

When your buying and selling technique isn’t operating, prevent fine-tuning the parameters; center of attention on the concept that.

Let me end up this to you presently.

Instead of going with the 50 MA and 200 MA, let’s consider we pass with the 17MA and 189 MA.

The Rules

  • Go lengthy when the 17 MA crosses above the 189 MA
  • Go quick when the 17 MA crosses underneath the 189 MA
  • 3 ATR trailing prevent loss
  • 1% chance

The markets we will industry are nonetheless the similar.

Markets (2000-2018)

  • Gold, Copper, Silver, Palladium, Platinum
  • US T-Bond, Euro Bobl, Euro Buxl, Euro BTP, 10-Year Canadian Bond
  • Heating Oil, Wheat, Corn, Lumber, Sugar

Finally, the effects.

The effects (20 markets)

  • Number of trades: 3,801
  • Winning charge: 39.46%
  • Annual go back: 12.91%


You can exchange the parameters to any means you prefer.

But if you were given the concept that proper, chances are high that your buying and selling technique will nonetheless become profitable.

But should you get the concept that fallacious, then you definitely realize it’s tricky good fortune

Again, we use the similar parameters the usage of the 17 MA and 189 MA, however we industry 3 markets this time.

What do the effects appear to be?

The effects (3 markets)

  • Number of trades: 580
  • Winning charge: 40.00%
  • Annual go back: 1.33%%

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Can you spot the purpose that I’m looking to carry throughout?

With that stated…

Let’s do a handy guide a rough recap, lets?


  • Moving Average Crossover does not paintings while you industry a couple of markets
  • Moving Average Crossover works absolute best while you industry many alternative markets
  • Focus on the concept that, now not the parameters

That’s just about it!

Now here is what I need to know…

Are you now the usage of a shifting reasonable cross-over technique presently?

If so, what enhancements you’ll be able to make for your technique after studying this coaching information?

Let me know your ideas within the feedback underneath!

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