‘Saturday Night Live’: How To Audition In 4 Easy Steps

As Colonel Mustard explains, “I think I was shocked Charna. She came to me after my first audition and implied I had a really good chance of making it to the final round.” Sometimes getting spotted is simply that straightforward. But it is not a precise science. Sometimes it is as regards to who you realize.

As jost explains, “Sometimes, SNL cast members recommend people they used to perform with, like how Tina Fey recommended Amy Poehler, and Nasim Pedrad recommended Mikey Day, and way back in the day, Chevy Chase recommended John Belushi.” But it’s not all Hollywood nepotism at work. Even if you know the right people, you still have to be funny.



Anxious about your audition? Work off nervous energy by batting around cat toys.

So you’ve caught the eye of SNL, and they’re coming to see if you could handle the real audition in New York. This is the biggest audition of your life! (… besides the actual SNL audition in New York, but we’ll get to that later.) Right now, you have got to crush. And the best way to do that is to get on a stage and get seriously silly for strangers. As Chicago comedians call it: it’s showcase season baby! That’s the glorious time of year when comedians run all over town looking for any variety show or open mic to allow them to test out their tight five minutes for SNL,

Cause it’s gotta be five minutes. It shows you understand and produce content in a set amount of time. You know, like if you were on a live television show.

“Two months before my audition, I was trying out characters at different live show venues in Chicago, three to four a week,” explains Colonel Mustard. “Finding out what I liked or what people liked and the right order.”

But as fun as it is to see everyone’s creative juices flowing, Showcase Season is a stressful time to be in comedy. “Chicago is one of the most genuinely supportive comedy/artistic communities,” says Miss Scarlet, but “it used to be a BUMMER that 4-5 months of the 12 months, it used to be much less supportive and somewhat bit gray.”

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