LSAT Logic Problems for Every American’s Thanksgiving

Logical Reasoning

Question 1

Uncle Roger: I didn’t get a vaccine as a result of I don’t need a microchip beneath my pores and skin.

Cousin Lucy: Your desk is positioned within the yard in the back of the shed.

Uncle Roger and cousin Lucy disagree about whether or not,

    1. The KKK was once based to persecute Catholics.
    2. JFK Jr. got here again to lifestyles and resides in cousin Lucy’s shed.
    3. The battle on Christmas begins the day after Thanksgiving.
    4. Scientists know issues.
    5. All of the Above

Question 2

Stuffing is everybody’s favourite Thanksgiving dish. Wine is everybody’s favourite Thanksgiving beverage. Since wine is constituted of grapes and raisins are dried grapes, Aunt Connie including raisins to the stuffing will make it even higher.

Which of the next is maximum true?

    1. Aunt Connie places two bricks of cream cheese in all her sluggish cooker recipes.
    2. Beer is a vegetable since hops develop within the floor.
    3. Strawberry gelatin, pretzels, and whipped topping are a salad.
    4. Aunt Connie has misplaced her rattling thoughts.
    5. Why, Aunt Connie, why?

Question 3

Owen and Maureen have identical pursuits, attended the similar highschool, labored as lifeguards one summer time, and not used sunscreen. Aunt Lisa has hypothesized that Owen and Maureen are romantically concerned.

Which of the next can be most valuable to grasp with the intention to evaluation Aunt Lisa’s speculation?

    1. Whether Owen and Maureen are cousins
    2. How a lot pot Owen and Maureen smoked once they left the dinner desk to move for a stroll
    3. Whether Owen is hung
    4. What Facebook recon Aunt Lisa has achieved on Maureen’s ex-boyfriend
    5. Whether Owen likes rises within the stuffing

Analytical Reasoning

There can be ten other people attending Thanksgiving—Lucy, Maureen, Aunt Connie, Owen, Paola, Quentin, Raymond, Samatha, Teagan, and Umberto. During the meal, each and every visitor will communicate solely about some of the following ten subjects—Wes Anderson, Bitcoin, Corns and bunions, Death, Election fraud, Intro to Philosophy, Gas costs, Horoscopes, Ivermectin, and Ketogenic diets.

The seating chart and dialog subjects are matter to the next stipulations:

  1. Raymond is (nonetheless) speaking about election fraud.
  2. Surprisingly, Aunt Connie isn’t speaking about corns and bunions.
  3. Teagan is speaking about demise. Obviously.
  4. The individual speaking about Intro to Philosophy is sitting subsequent to the one who is speaking about bitcoin. At final 12 months’s Thanksgiving, each have been speaking about Elon Musk.
  5. The individual speaking about Ivermectin basted the turkey with it to possess the libs.
  6. Why is Aunt Connie right here? If gasoline costs are so fucking prime then why did not Aunt Connie simply keep the fuck house? (That isn’t to indicate Aunt Connie is the only speaking about gasoline costs.)

Where is Paola sitting?

    1. Next to Raymond
    2. Next to the individual speaking about how a lot weight they’ve misplaced on a ketogenic nutrition
    3. Between Owen and Maureen, who’ve been flirting with each and every different all night time
    4. Next to the one who simply identified that with Mercury emerging
    5. All of the above

If Umberto is speaking about Wes Anderson, which of the next will have to be true?

    1. Aunt Connie is taking part in footsies with Quentin.
    2. Raymond is dressed in a blue blouse.
    3. Umberto met Paola on Tinder, ghosted her after 3 dates, and is now romantically concerned with Aunt Connie.
    4. The individual speaking about bitcoin introduced a bag of canned items to the meals force. (For the file, I’ve observed that bag of canned items and many of the cans have been expired rubbish from the again of the cabinet. Like expired cherry pie filling and garbanzo beans. Gee, thank you. I’d somewhat devour the grass from the park.)
    5. All of the above

The ten other people each and every introduced a minimum of some of the following Thanksgiving dishes– mashed potatoes, stuffing, inexperienced bean casserole, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, cranberry sauce, rolls, candy potatoes, baked beans, brussels sprouts, and mac and cheese.

The following stipulations observe:

  1. Paola didn’t deliver canned cranberry sauce.
  2. The one that introduced the mashed potatoes is calling other people what time they have been born and has tarot playing cards of their glove compartment.
  3. We wish to to find out if Owen and Maureen are technically cousins.
  4. Raymond didn’t deliver the rolls and is allergic to pecans.
  5. The one that introduced the mac and cheese is sitting throughout from the one who introduced the candy potatoes.
  6. Quentin is seated between the one who introduced the fairway bean casserole and the one who introduced the baked beans.
  7. Samantha introduced the fairway bean casserole and does no longer apply fundamental meals protection protocols.
  8. If Aunt Connie put raises within the stuffing this 12 months I’m going to kick her in her large floppy throat. (Again, to not recommend that Aunt Connie introduced stuffing however she has previously and she or he put raises within the stuffing and it is like “why Aunt Connie? why?”)
  9. Uncle Roger introduced Raymond a work of pecan pie as a result of Uncle Roger sucks. What is Uncle Roger doing on this query? He is meant to be at his desk in the back of the shed.

If Quentin finally ends up handed out beneath the desk, what dish did Lucy deliver?

    1. Rolls
    2. Fuck you, Aunt Connie.
    3. Pumpkin pie
    4. Canned cranberry sauce
    5. Fried bitcoin

If Samantha introduced greater than the fairway bean casserole, what else did she deliver?

    1. Baked beans
    2. social awkwardness
    3. Gossip
    4. salmonella
    5. Uncle Roger’s Cialis

If Teagan introduced baked beans,

    1. Who the fuck is Teagan?
    2. He is courting Uncle Roger.
    3. Why would somebody devour baked beans at Thanksgiving and who the fuck would deliver them? Like who desires to spend precious abdomen actual property on baked beans?
    4. He made a bong out of the canned cranberry sauce.
    5. He is mansplaining Thanksgiving to Aunt Connie.

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