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affectionate worrying, loving, doting, heat, pleasant alarming compelling, pressing, critical, dire, urgent, the most important formidable made up our minds, hungry, spirited, steadfast, dogged, pushed ambivalent unsure, wavering, undecided, combined or contradictory emotions apathetic disinterested, lazy, torpid, dispirited, lukewarm interesting horny, inviting appreciative thankful, grateful boastful declare of significance, superiority, proud articulation expression, pronunciation, pronunciation banging booming, crashing, resounding, thundering biased prejudiced, partial, unfair, discriminatory, slanted, weighted sour envious, bitter, aggrieved, begrudging, harm, indignant, discontented bleeding complaining, moaning, whining, grumbling, whining booming loud, thunderous, bellowing, roaring, pulsating breathy panting, chesty, gasping, hissy, wheezing, phlegmy brittle apprehensive, edgy, disturbing, agitated, delicate, fragile, crumbly captivating interesting, horny, agreeable, endearing, likeable, pleasant cheerful merry, glowing, uplifting, exuberant, peppy, happy, clamorous loud, noisy, raucous, deafening, booming smug boastful, pompous, proud, egotistical, cocky, bigheaded lined covert, shrouded, cloaked, personal, masked, unnoticeable crackly crispy, damaged creaky gravelly, hoarse, raspy, rusty, coarse, abrasive, tough, throaty croaky gruff, husky, scratchy, grating cynical suspicious, doubting, mistrustful, disillusioned deafening blaring, loud, booming, piercing, blasting dictatorial bossy, domineering, stern, brutal, bullish, authoritarian dulcet melodic, lyrical, musical, simple at the ear earsplitting deafening, thunderous, booming, blasting, noisy, shrill, roaring elated satisfied, ecstatic, thrilled, jubilant, extremely joyful encouraging promising, reassuring, hopeful, constructive, evasive shifty, elusive, slippery, crafty, imprecise, obscure faint cushy, quiet, inaudible, muted, whispered, delicate, low-pitched, rapid fast, sped up, brisk, swift, breakneck velocity, fast paced up-tempo, flat-out, full of life, thrilling, dynamic flat boring, tedious, uninteresting, impassive, dreamy, dead, bland flippant frivolous, carefree, inconsiderate, dismissive flutter tremble, quiver, tremor, shiver, shudder, quaver forgiving sympathetic, compassionate, merciful, tolerant, figuring out fruity complete, wealthy, booming, transparent, loud, robust grating jarring, harsh, shrill, piercing, sharp, tough gravelly raspy, croaky, gruff, husky, throaty, coarse, tough develop wail, moan, howl, sob, wail, whine, sigh growl snarl, rumble, roar, grumble, mutter gruff hoarse, husky, raspy, tough, gravelly, harsh grumble mutter, mumble, grunt, murmur, moan, groan, wail, whine gurgling rumbling, growling, grunting, echoing, bellowing, reverberating guttural low, raspy, thick, throaty, gravelly, gruff, husky, growly harsh hoarse, raspy, screeching, ear-piercing, shrill, squawky, tinny, high-pitched shrill, piercing, screeching, sharp, shrieking, falsetto honeyed flattering, complimentary, praising, commending, sugarcoated honky blaring, loud, screechy, trumpeting, bellowing husky croaky, gruff, coarse, throaty, raspy, gravelly, tough, harsh, deep impassioned hearty, keen, passionate, offended indignant, livid, irate, incensed, enraged, infuriated, mad casual comfortable, informal, simple, pleasant, open, herbal, easygoing inquisitive curious, prying, intrusive, interfering, meddling, probing, inquiring irreverent cheeky, mocking, sassy, ​​saucy, tongue-in-cheek, disrespectful jittery excitable, skittish, jumpy, fluttery, flighty, extremely strung, hyperactive jovial jolly, merry, cheerful, satisfied, buoyant, happy, sprightly happy satisfied, thrilled, satisfied, jubilant, elated, completely satisfied, beaming, ecstatic lilting melodic, musical, tuneful, clean, silvery, harmonious low-pitched deep, bass, gruff, throaty, rumbling, complete, wealthy, robust subject of truth candid, truthful, methodical, orderly, direct, frank, easy melodic tuneful, harmonious, lyrical, rhythmic, delightful, clean, cushy mocking sarcastic, taunting, sneering, scornful, insulting, jeering modulated muffled, recited, comfortable, managed, subdued, restrained, tempered monotonous flat, uninteresting, boring, tedious, dreary, pedestrian, drab, stale mutter mumble, murmur, mouth, whisper, babble, voice, utter nasally high-pitched, muffled, slurred, thick, twangy nostalgic romantic, sentimental, emotional, schmaltzy, corny, delicate, soppy constructive promising, encouraging, hopeful, sure, encouraging outraged indignant, irate, livid, incensed, enraged, furious, mad, fuming penetrating sporting, loud, deep, intrusive, obviously audible, piercing pessimistic gloomy, bleak, hopeless, unfavorable, despondent, defeatist, glum piercing penetrating, intense, puncturing, resounding, booming, shrieking pleading imploring, begging, difficult plummy deep, complete, mellow, wealthy pressed weighted, instructed, burdened, hastened quiet cushy, low, muted, muffled, faint, inaudible, hushed, whispered raspy croaky, grating, gravelly, gruff, hoarse, husky, scratchy, throaty uncooked frank, brutal, gritty, direct, blunt, truthful, simple, easy in a position faint, high-pitched, shrill, small, susceptible, cushy, subdued, feeble remorseful repentant, sorry, apologetic resonant resounding, loud, deep, booming, wealthy, complete righteous virtuous, truthful, upright, ethical, moral, principled, honorable ringing piercing, loud, booming, blasting, echoing, throbbing, blaring tough gruff, coarse, croaky, dry, harsh, cracked, guttural, hoarse, husky rumbling whirring, vibrating, effervescent, murmuring, drawling, bellowing sandy gritty, gravelly, granular, grainy, crumbly sarcastic ridiculing, mocking, sneering, biting, scathing, snide scornful contemptuous, scoffing, disparaging, insulting, derogatory sentimental nostalgic, soppy, delicate, dewy-eyed, heartrending shriek howl, scream, screech, squeal, yell, squawk, wail shrill high-pitched, piercing, screeching, ear-piercing, penetrating silvery cushy, candy, melodic, musical, lyrical, delightful, sweet-sounding trustworthy authentic, true, truthful, heartfelt, wholehearted, unique small humble, modest, easy, lowly, unassuming, menial smoky mellow, hazy, sooty, murky, grimy softly spoken gently, delicately, faintly, gingerly, quietly, easily, tenderly solemnly soberly, earnestly, significantly, gravely, firmly, sincerely sorrowful unhappy, despair, unsatisfied, heartbroken, downhearted, glum, down squawky screeching, grating, raucous, jarring, hoarse, noisy, raspy strained uneasy, disturbing, unrelaxed, edgy, stiff, afflicted, stilted stressed out fearful, disturbing, distressed, strained, fearful, frazzled, edgy, jittery strident screeching, jarring, harsh, raucous, shrill, loud, piercing awesome boastful, condescending, patronising, snobbish, pretentious sympathetic compassionate, worrying, thoughtful, sort, supportive taut disturbing, stiff, unyielding, hardened, strained threatening intimidating, adverse, fearsome, bullying, competitive, horrifying throaty gruff, husky, hoarse, croaky, gravelly, guttural, thick, raspy toneless expressionless, dispassionate, wood, unemotional, deadpan twangy drawly, boring, dragging, gradual, monotonous impartial truthful, independent, simply, equitable, impartial undertone undercurrent, whisper, mutter, implication, suspicion unforgiving merciless, heartless, cruel, ruthless, callous heat pleasant, affable, cordial, kindly, hospitable, loving, amicable whiny sulky, petulant, irritable, testy, grouchy, surly whispering mumbling, hushed tone, murmuring, cushy wobbly shaky, volatile, unsteady, rickety, wonky, flimsy, frail

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