Watermelon protects towards center illness

Sassi Jbeil (Tunisia)
During the summer time, many nations witness the season of watermelon, with its two sorts, crimson and yellow, which takes other names, however it’s outstanding by means of all peoples with a robust urge for food for consuming it, as there’s no desk with out it, and a pound begins from May to September of each and every 12 months.

This form of summer time yield can also be grown in numerous seasons, however herbal agriculture with out depending on air-conditioned properties starts in January and February, and intensifies extra in March, and there are lots of types that may be planted in July and August, the place farmers duvet the culmination with their branching leaves till Do now not divulge to daylight.

On the well being advantages of watermelon, the nutritionist, Dr. Nadine Fajrawi, states that it comprises top ranges of nutrients, minerals and antioxidants, contributes to lowering hypertension, improves arterial serve as, is helping give protection to towards center illness and most cancers, protects towards bronchial asthma, and stops drought in summer time.

She issues out that watermelon reduces irritation and aids sleep, maintains pores and skin well being, reduces muscle soreness, and improves restoration time after intense workout. In addition, it regulates digestion, prevents constipation, and promotes common digestive well being on account of its water and fiber content material.

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