CDU army skilled on “Anne Will”: “The Chancellor does not want Ukraine to win”

The German-Ukrainian journalist Marina Weisband additionally blames French President Macron: “Every time Scholz and Macron call Putin, their line softens.”

SPD guy Roth held towards it. Scholz mentioned, “it doesn’t contribute to any escalation if you rush to the side of an attacked country. We do that as Germany and as a Nato — and help to end this terrible war”. However, it’s not as much as Germany, however to Ukraine itself to decide the peace answer. “I trust the Ukrainians and above all I trust the Ukrainian President”.

That Germany in truth makes use of Ukraine as a buffer zone between itself and Russia Carlo Masala, a professor on the Bundeswehr University in Munich, thinks it is unrealistic: “I think that’s absurd, because Ukraine won’t let itself be done with it. In many of the discussions, we always forgot that the key player was Ukraine is”.

Hair pulling over left-wing politicians

But is a inflexible army NATO line against Putin in truth the precise technique? Not if left-wing flesh presser Jan van Aken has his approach. He nonetheless sees a necessity for international relations, however Germany’s army intervention is still the “ultima ratio”.

This line of argument provoked harsh complaint from Kiesewetter — and brought about Roth to rip his hair. He used to be clearly pissed off through the complaint of the federal government. “Here a distorted picture is drawn, where I ask myself: Which movie am I in?”. like Roth. Not Germany is sitting within the brakeman’s sales space, however at the one hand Hungary and alternatively the Turkey.

Weisband agreed in idea with Van Aken – however the level for international relations were handed. “By now we should have learned from the escalation of 2014. [Putin] set territories, we forced him to the table. Then we imposed sanctions, civil means. Our own industry has evaded these sanctions and the conflict has frozen. Putin gained territory as a result. That is the real spiral of escalation: leaving injustice the way it is.”

The publicist continues: “As a Ukrainian with Jewish roots, I have learned that the best remedy against fear is not to give something to the aggressor. It is resilience, resistance.”

What targets are we pursuing?

What a victory for Ukraine in truth manner used to be additionally mentioned that night. There used to be a wide consensus that the targets are fairly diffuse the world over. “There hasn’t been a serious discussion among the allies about what war goals are being pursued by supporting Ukraine. We hear different war goals from different sides,” Masala mentioned.

Ukraine is now insisting on an entire go back and recovery of territorial integrity — together with Donbass and Crimea. “It’s not just the guns that should be silent, the Russians have to withdraw,” Roth made transparent.

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