Sanity and Religious Practice

Out on the jail Bible find out about we have been starting a find out about of the e-book of Galatians. As an advent to the e-book, we hung out in Acts 10 and 15, discussing how the early church needed to make some discernments about if newly transformed Gentiles must be circumcised and grow … Read more

Violent Fantasies and the Language of the Unheard | Political Theology Network

[content warning: descriptions of violence against children] 1 By the rivers of Babylon— there we sat down and there wept once we remembered Zion.2 On the willows there we hung up our harps.3 For there our captors asked us for songs,and our tormentors asked for mirth, saying, ‘Sing us one of the songs of Zion!’4 … Read more

Creating a Narrative Budget – Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

This is a part 2 of two in a sequence about church budgeting. Read Part 1, “Budgets Tell a Story” A mentor as soon as taught me that no person has ever been impressed to present by way of having a look at a line merchandise finances. Yet 12 months after 12 months, I pay … Read more

“Live Your Truth!” (and Other Lies) An Interview with Alisa Childers | Ep. 61 |

“Live your truth.” “Follow your heart.” “God wants you to be happy.” “You only live once.” These words are greater than empty platitudes. These nice-sounding lies are temporarily changing into deeply held cultural ideals that promise nice freedom but if truth be told heap up burdens we weren’t supposed to undergo. On this episode we … Read more

Announcing My New Book: Bully Pulpit: Confronting the Problem of Spiritual Abuse within the Church – Canon Fodder

For those who observe this weblog, you’re going to know that the problem of non secular abuse has been on my thoughts for the closing a number of years now. Even ahead of Mike Cosper’s very good podcast, The Rise and Fall of Mars Hillput it at the nationwide radar, I’ve been excited by some … Read more

A Different Kind of Daddy Issue | Blog & Mablog

Dear Darla, So I take it that issues are getting a mite critical over there. Good for you. I consider you might be smiling at him brightly? That it appears being the case, let me evaluate and distinction two other sorts of daddy problems. When a father has been a just right father to his … Read more

Seeking Awe and Wonder

I have in mind the primary time I felt a way of awe and sweetness about theology. It was once in my required drawback of God magnificence at Georgetown University, the place I gained my undergraduate stage. I had picked a bit of the route in response to my hobby in an inventory of readings … Read more

Re-kin-ciliation Does Not Begin with Brokenness

Today’s visitor submit comes from Kristin Caynor, Ph.D. pupil at Trinity College Bristol/University of Aberdeen, TCK from Thailand, and an international theological educator. For her complete bio, see beneath. Credit: Martinvl In the previous post, I introduced re-kin-ciliation as a substitute for the dialogue round “reconciliation” extra extensively. I defined that during re-kin-ciling concept, the … Read more

Misunderstanding the Rise of the None

By now it’s widely recognized that the Catholic Church in America—and arranged faith extra usually—will have to deal with the surprising enlargement of people that determine with “no religion.” Nearly 30% of Americans now take a look at the field for “no religion,”[1] together with 40 % of millennials.[2] The Catholic Church has been hit … Read more

The land mourns

In 2005, Australian thinker Glenn Albrecht revealed a paper naming a brand new emotion: solastalgia. The phrase describes the ache we really feel once we see environmental exchange within the puts we name house. In justifying his choice to make up a brand new phrase, Albrecht identified that English has only a few phrases that … Read more

Justice: Divine, Imputed, Imparted, Public, and Ultimate

September 12, 2022 by means of Andy Naselli I taught on justice in Bethlehem College and Seminary chapel ultimate week: “Justice: Divine, Imputed, Imparted, Public, and Ultimate, Here’s the pocket definition of justice I paintings with within the communicate: Justice is (1) getting what you deserve and (2) giving others what they deserve. Here’s the … Read more

God Gives Us Strength – Theocast – Reformed Theology

Today’s reminder is from Jon Moffitt, Pastor of Grace Reformed Church in Spring Hill, TN. Transcript: Seek first my kingdom. And to try this, we are going to want energy this is a ways outdoor our capability. Because I do know the whole thing I require, I provide. It’s superb. Everything God calls for people; … Read more

Is the Book of Acts a Template for the Church? – Peter Goeman

Many readers combat with the guide of Acts as a result of they suppose that it must be a fashion for us to practice. Reading throughout the guide of Acts we may marvel why we do not discuss in tongues, carry out miracles, or workout keep watch over over demons. But even at the more … Read more

May Our Hope Not Die With You Metropolitan Kallistos Ware

Meta. Kallistos Ware died on August 23rd, I want I had despatched the letter. I want I had requested him to do one very last thing earlier than he left us, to jot down one final article. I met him a couple of occasions at educational meetings. I infrequently spoke to him as opposed to … Read more

Pious Nonsense: “The Ancient Name of God Is the Sound of Our Breathing”

I’m scripting this put up for 2 causes. First and typically, it’s merely no longer useful when Christians cross alongside claims about what one thing within the Bible “really means” when the ones are according to misguided or misguided claims data. Truth issues, and excellent data is vital. Christians will have to steer clear of … Read more

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