Ever Thought About Whether You Might Be Carrying the Wrong Cross?

Daily Reflection – 9/23/2022 Sacred Scripture Once when Jesus used to be praying in solitude, and the disciples have been with him, he requested them, “Who do the crowds say that I am?” They mentioned in answer, “John the Baptist; others, Elijah; nonetheless others, ‘One of the traditional prophets has arisen.’” Then he said to … Read more

To awaken is to bear in mind and have fun.

Here within the non-physical geographical regions we proceed to observe with pleasure and admiration as humanity continues to transport maximum definitely forwards on its abruptly accelerating trail to awakening. Yes, your growth is accelerating, although to lots of you it seems that to be transferring at a snail’s tempo! There is such a lot unraveling … Read more

How You and Nature Are the Same In Essence – Inquire Within

Stephan Davies is a channel of angels and divine beings. He runs the site The Divine Connection, Below, he stocks a channeling from the angel of peace and solidarity. Hello, I’m Archangel Muriel. How are you doing? Let’s start via speaking in regards to the knowledge of naturalism. This message can be in regards to … Read more

Collective Karma of the World

Karma is the legislation of purpose and impact. This everlasting legislation teaches that for each and every motion you are taking, there’s an eventual and inescapable impact to that motion. Karma is generated with each and every idea, phrase, act and deed. It can succeed in into any facet of lifestyles. You will have karma … Read more

World Gratitude Day 2022

footage and writings via June Friesen September 21, 2022. World Gratitude Day is widely known on September 21 every year. This day targets to remind us of the significance of expressing gestures of thank you and appreciation. ,Appreciation is a global observe these days and a non-public person who we will all use to enhance … Read more

How Doing Your Inner Work Saves You – Sensitive Evolution

It is standard for people to really feel pulled in many alternative instructions directly. It could also be a part of existence to have many alternative pressures or challenging energies seeking to lay declare to our time and effort. These herbal portions of existence will also be difficult for delicate individuals who attach strongly with … Read more

Midnight Oil: Poems, Short Stories, & Musings – Spiritual Shifts

Hello Friends, my newest ebook of poems and quick tales is out now. In some way, that is at all times an act of braveness for me. Opening the door into essentially the most darkish, and brilliant, and prone puts that I stay in. But in all probability, those are the one puts the place … Read more

Spend your existence Seeking Wisdom – THE SCIENCE OF FINDING YOUR SPIRITUAL SELF

WHO ARE YOUR TEACHERS AND PURVEYORS OF WISDOM ? Contemplation has at all times been round and the wisest academics of all together with King Solomon, in all probability the wisest of all, recommended that you simply Spend your existence Seeking Wisdom. Will you? Since the primary Adam sat in silence questioning why he had … Read more


Universal Lighthouse Full Disclosure and Forbidden News The reviews, perspectives, non secular doctrines, political stance, statements, and/or data we provide don’t seem to be essentially the ideals of Universal Lighthouse. Please use discernment with all of the data given. If you Enjoy the paintings of the other Authors this is Posted, Be positive to subscribe … Read more

The Many Faces of the Yoruba Orishas and their Manifestations

This is an engaging matter for me, basically as a result of that is who I’m and likewise my circle of relatives linage. When I first initiated Osun in Nigeria in a spot known as Ojo, all through the initiation I used to be frightened. I used to be frightened, as a result of previous … Read more

Day of encouragement

Be inspired, no longer discouraged! We simply neglected The National Day of Encouragement held the day past September 12. This day is devoted to encouraging and having a good affect on the ones round us. I really like having someday to extend our consciousness of encouraging others and to encourage us to place this into … Read more

Subconscious Reprogramming and the Law of Attraction – Science of the Soul

Your thoughts is made up of 2 portions – your aware thoughts which is mainly the whole lot that you’re acutely aware of (what we bring to mind because the reasoning, pondering thoughts), and your unconscious which is all of the psychological job this is under or out of aware consciousness (which contains recollections, ideals, … Read more

Destiny Versus Free Will – My Perspective

If you have been following my articles for some time, you might have come throughout my tale of ways I left my company activity to pursue my pastime as a non secular creator and lifestyles trainer. What I’ve infrequently expressed is the fight and the resistance lifestyles was once throwing my means earlier than I … Read more

3 examples of Life Lessons and the way can they will let you

What is the Life Lessons Reading? As people right here on planet Earth, we have now arrange all varieties of concepts for ourselves. Some of those concepts can assist us to transport ahead at the religious adventure. One of the ones ideas is that of Life Lessons. We comic story about studying our lesson in … Read more

Hematite Ring: All You Need To Know | Yoga Mandala Shop

The hematite ring is a logo of energy, coverage, and grounding. It is a rock that has been used for hundreds of years to appease and calm feelings. In this text, we can discover what this tough stone method, in addition to a few of its advantages What is a Hematite Ring? A hematite ring … Read more

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