The Shining Ones Speak

I’ve not too long ago learn feedback by means of folks on how they really feel separated or far away from the Gods, or, as we name them in ADF, the Shining Ones. Of the entire Kindreds, they’re the entities that range from us probably the most. The Ancestors are those who we knew, or … Read more

Burning Books? Let’s Confront The Real Issue.

The book-burning preacher from Tennesee. Honestly, I’m no longer positive why individuals are shocked through this stunt. This situation isn’t the primary time Greg Locke has burned a e-book that disagrees along with his ideology. After all, the person is neither distinctive nor suave. He follows a playbook maximum authoritarians use. However, e-book burning has … Read more

Sea Witch 101: A New Online Course by way of Moody Moons – Moody Moons

Take a deep dive into the enchanted turquoise abyss of sea witchery and discover the facility of your inside ocean goddess. Moody Moon’s newest route, Introduction to Sea Witch Magicweaves in combination the knowledge of recent “mermaid magic” with conventional symbolism and ideas that can assist you customized create a tradition this is uniquely yours. … Read more

Book Review – Pantheon: The Egyptians via Robin Herne

Pantheon: The Egyptians is a part of a brand new collection from established Pagan writer Moon Books geared toward introducing readers to a whole Pantheon of deities slightly than specializing in a unmarried god, goddess, or spirit. Robin Herne’s quantity explores the philosophy and theology of the Egyptians, along contextual geographical and ancient knowledge, ethics, … Read more

Suntree Retreat 2022: A Revelation

Suntree Retreat 2022 has come and long past, and now I’ve to check out to be in contact this wonderful, transferring, inspiring match and the way it has affected me, in addition to its implications for the Atheopagan neighborhood going ahead. My voyage to get there took 2-1/2 days, carpooling with fellow Atheopagan Society Council … Read more

The Green Grimoire – Disconnect to Reconnect

“Source of This Article:- “ It is you who’re damaged, you might be a part of me, There is not any separation, so dance sing, and be unfastened. So I wrote again in 2000. I’ve mentioned this earlier than, it is a humorous outdated factor writing songs. Sometimes you’ll sweat and paintings over a unmarried … Read more

Happy Spring Equitherm (Beltane)!

“Source of This Article:- “ Celebrations Attraction! Our global reawakens, and we see good looks round us! How becoming for the planet named after the goddess of sexual appeal is giving us a unique display within the sky for Beltane. Venus and Jupiter method inside not up to the plain diameter of the Moon, attending … Read more

Magic Metals: Bronze

“Source of This Article:- “ Bronze may be an alloy of zinc and copper and has the similar therapeutic energy as brass however with one exception—bronze is claimed to present larger power of persona. My favourite side of bronze is that it is helping people conceive of and succeed in their targets. Last changed on … Read more

Tipping Cows, Yuri’s night time, the 3-fold Law, excitement, and extra! Recent Episodes of THE WONDER podcast, via Mark Green

“Source of This Article:- “ What does tipping cows need to do with Paganism? How to have fun Yuri’s night time, and what it method to be excitement certain – All that extra, at the web page here, And I in fact do not know about you, however for me, each and every minute could … Read more

Foresight Friday: Look to The Empress for Support

“Source of This Article:- “ Foresight Friday: Look to The Empress for Support Divination Method: The Labyrinth Tarot Card Drawn: The Empress Key Words: Nurturing, Creation, Tough Love, Encouragement My Foresight Friday Interpretation: Welcome again, everybody! I do hope that you just have been all a success in each heading off and changing into brazenly … Read more

Does magic paintings all the way through despair?

“Source of This Article:- “ Depression does now not make magic fizzle, however it’ll make it more difficult to care about magic within the first position. There is a few debate about whether or not magic is powered via trust or via will, however despair can hose down both. First, some definitions: right here, “magic” … Read more

The making a song won’t ever be carried out

“Source of This Article:- “ Once, it’s good to pay attentionSheep munching grassHalf a mile away. Now the soundscapeIs stuffed with mechanical sounds:Auditory attack. We have misplaced the track of the sector:Birdsong, animal soundsThe wind within the bushes. Birds need to sing louderTo be heard over the sound of vehicles.Whale tune is interrupted by way … Read more

Thinking About: Morphing the Myth, Pagan Newbies, and Kirsten Dunst (Sigh)

“Source of This Article:- “ We’ve all encountered them. The new those that display up on the Pagan gatherings and public occasions. They’ve watched a film or two from the Marvel Universe. They’ve been swayed via the hunky depictions of Hemsworth and Cumberbatch. They’ve performed a couple of Encyclopedias Britannica searches on Loki and/or Thor … Read more

Magic and Metaphor in Songwriting – Pagan Song: Music for Your Magic

“Source of This Article:- “ Have you ever puzzled what it’s a few music lyric that captures your creativeness? Some lyrical words depart a stirring inside of us lengthy after the music ends, whilst others depart us flat. What makes the adaptation? One of our demanding situations as songwriters is to create an enjoy for … Read more

Green Magick Vlog Posts

“Source of This Article:- “ Green Magick Vlog Posts April 20, 2022 by means of the magickal cottage Lately I’ve been specializing in making video posts about magickal herbs and learn how to use them on The Magickal Cottage YouTube channel. It’s been nice to get out to the magickal herb farm and talk over … Read more

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