Foresight Friday: Free Your Inner Feline

Foresight Friday: Free Your Inner Feline Divination Method: The Illustrated Herbiary Card Drawn: Valerian Key Words: Release Rigidity My Foresight Friday Interpretation: Howdy pals! I am hoping that no matter you needed to be ready for final week wasn’t too tough to handle. If it used to be just a little taxing, no worries, as … Read more

30-Days of Samhain 2021: Day Twenty-Six

Reaching Back to Stand Fully Present within the Future We’ve previous the most often celebrated marker of Samhain on October thirty first. and in those previous few days of this collection we’re achieving in opposition to the astrological date of Samhain on November sixth (11:50p.m. EDT). On the Witch’s Wheel of the Year, the quarter … Read more

What “inclusive” way

Inclusive does not imply that we need to come with everyone who asks to enroll in; it signifies that we do not exclude complete categories of folks because of their innate or bought traits (reminiscent of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or bodily traits). Some folks is probably not suited for Wicca as a result of … Read more

Thinking About: To Group or Not to Group

“You hate Pagans working in groups, huh?” “Being solo means that you aren’t understanding the correct way to do things.” “You’re not a ‘good’ Pagan when you don’t have someone to mentor you along the way.” “Working your Spirituality alone is the Path to doing things absolutely wrong.” This is simply one of the stuff … Read more

Small Magick

As we nonetheless are in an endemic, that suggests some are nonetheless caught at house (many extra must were or the pandemic can be over faster) in order that manner there are those that cannot move out and about and fellowship with their covens or different Pagan areas of worship. Also, there are those that … Read more

This Ain’t Your Film Set-CGI Viking Ship

The Sea Stallion rowed in calm water (Thilde Kold Holdt). The perfect description I’ve ever learn of cruising an extended send. I like it when other people reconstitute outdated tech that also works — like the traditional Polynesian canoe that sailed from Tahiti to Hawaii and back in the 1970s, all without a compass, radio, … Read more

Resources for Learning Old/Middle Irish

I lately printed a brand new guide of translations from previous/center Irish into English and as on occasion occurs when the topic comes up persons are asking me how I realized the language and for tips on the place to begin themselves. For those that are not mindful previous and center Irish are the predecessors … Read more

Book information

November 15, 2021 I’ve plenty of thrilling thnigs occurring with books recently – all over the Hopeless Maine challenge. Hopeless Maine is now printed in America via Outland Entertainment, they have got simply launched some prose fiction set at the island. They’re re-releasing the entire comics collection in massive, hardbound volumes, and copies of the … Read more

My Top 5 Heritage Gift Ideas for Christmas

Do you prefer to shop for particular presents in your family members at Christmas? Me too. Here are my most sensible 5 heritage reward concepts for Christmas, and the ultimate one may be very with regards to my center. Thinking of you, Nanna H! Winter White 20cm Plate, Set of Two Guarantee a white Christmas … Read more

Murderous Holidays

Today, within the United States it’s Veterans’ Day (titled Armistice Day in Europe), which used to be based to mark the top of the obscene, totally baseless massacre that used to be the primary World War. According to the Overculture, lately is an afternoon to really feel thankful to those that Gave The Greatest Sacrifice … Read more

Thoughts About My Health

I had a dialog in my head with Odin these days. That’s no longer strange for me since I opened my thoughts whilst writing Some Say Fire, however this dialog illustrates a very powerful level in heathenry and this weblog is all about what it feels care to do heathenry, so right here is going. … Read more

Foresight Friday: Rest Up & Be Prepared

Foresight Friday: Rest Up & Be Prepared Divination Method: The Labyrinth Tarot Card Drawn: 9 of Poles Key Words: On Guard, Courageous, Resilient My Foresight Friday Interpretation: Happy Friday, Pixilators! I have no idea about you guys, however I took ultimate week’s studying to middle, and spent some much-needed time with an implausible pal. Now, … Read more

30-Days of Samhain 2021: Day Twenty-Eight

New Moon in Scorpio November 4.2021 5:15pm (EDT) The Moon waxes New within the astrological signal of Scorpio this night time at 5:15p.m. I’ve selected this as a Samhain focal point on account of the inherent qualities of Scorpio’s energies and the timing of Samhain falling inside the sun month of Scorpio; having made this … Read more

The Golden Shadow

Shadow paintings appears to be the item the entire children are speaking about in this day and age. I believed that folks have been speaking concerning the integration of the shadow as is mentioned in Jungian psychology. But are you aware about the concept that of the Golden Shadow? Check out my YouTube video, “Archetypes … Read more

Early Pomegranates Now Available Free Online

Issue 1 of The Pomegranate, February 1997. The first eighteen problems with The Pomegranate, again when its subtitle was once a nonetheless “A New Journal of Neopagan Thought,” are now available in PDF form from Valdosta State University in Georgia. Spanning from 1997–2002, those are the problems produced through its founding editor, Fritz Muntean, in … Read more

Tales from Tantamount

November 11, 2021 Tales from Tantamount is a undertaking by way of Merry Debonnaire that frankly is not simple to explain. It’s fabricated from phrases, and is fascinating and humorous. Tantamount is a the city that does not keep put, and right through the e-book it is going on vacation, will get within the river … Read more

Of Sharks and different ugly issues

“Business is NOT your friend.” That is what anyone advised me years in the past whilst operating at one among my first jobs. How true this is! I’ve been screwed over via employers extra instances than I care to consider. And so it remains to be so … On Monday I referred to as the … Read more