The Most Memorable Looks from MLB Opening Day

Major League Baseball’s annual Opening Day serves as many things: an important marker that spring is officially here, a huge day for both giant American flag and red, white, and blue bunting manufacturers, and one of the few days a year that baseball players bust the big fits out of their closets. As far as … Read more

Ukraine live briefing: White House condemns Russia’s detention of US journalist; Finland clears NATO hurdle

The State Department has been in “direct touch with the Russian government” and is “actively working to secure consular access” to Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovichwho Russia has detained and accused of espionage, press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said Thursday. Russia’s Federal Security Service, the FSB, said Thursday in a statement that it had detained … Read more

DIRTBAG FBI Agent Tim Thibault Who Opened Bogus Trump Investigation, Covered Up Hunter’s Labtop, and Refused to Investigate 2020 Election – Is Now Reportedly Plotting Revenge on Whistleblowers

In July 2022, Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) released a letter he sent to the “institutionally corrupt to the very core” FBI. The gangsters who took over the FBI during the Obama Administration turned it into a far-left criminal enterprise. Grassley pointed out that FBI Assistant Special Agent Timothy Thibault shared anti-Trump social media posts while … Read more

A recession may be coming, but Jim Cramer says he’s not seeing the early signs yet

CNBC’s Jim Cramer said Thursday that he’s still searching for the first sign of a recession, even though it’s all anyone seems to be talking about. “Maybe the recession’s coming; maybe the credit crunch is right upon us,” Cramer said. “But until then, I think it’s pretty invisible.” related investing news Cramer said in many … Read more

Trump: Trump criminally charged in New York, a first for a US ex-president – Times of India

NEW YORK: Donald Trump have been indicted by a Manhattan grand jury after a probe into hush money paid to porn star stormy danielsbecoming the first former US president to face criminal charges even as he makes another run for the White House. The charges, arising from an investigation led by Democratic Manhattan District Attorney … Read more

US bolsters forces in Middle East following series of attacks on US troops in Syria | CNN Politics

CNN , The US has bolstered its military forces in the Middle East following a series of attacks on US troops in Syria attributed to Iranian-affiliated militias, the Pentagon said Friday. A squadron of A-10 attack aircraft are deploying to the region ahead of a scheduled deployment. The deployment of the attack aircraft was expedited … Read more

Palestine advocates see opportunity in Biden-Netanyahu discord

Washington, DC – Tensions between American and Israeli leaders do not often play out in public. But this week, United States President Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu traded barbs over a plan by Netanyahu’s far-right government to overhaul Israel’s judiciary. Although the Israeli occupation was not part of the back-and-forth between the … Read more

Transgender Day of Visibility rallies held amid backlash

MONTPELIER, Vt. , Thousands of people rallied across the country Friday as part of a Transgender Day of Visibility in support of the rights of transgender people and their resilience amid what many denounced as an increasingly hostile environment. Supporters converged on statehouses nationwide, at the Capitol Reflecting Pool in Washington, DC, and were planned … Read more

Ukraine knocking out Russian battlefield high-tech radars

Ukrainian forces are successfully neutralizing Russia’s arsenal of counter-battery radars, according to the UK Ministry of Defense (MoD). Russiathe MoD said, will also struggle to replace the high-tech systems because of Western sanctions. In their latest update, they said: “As of 23 March 2023, Ukrainian Special Operations Forces released footage of a Russian ZOOPARK-1M counter-battery … Read more

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