Church Of England Affirms Gay Sex Is A Sin –

No, you did not misinterpret the identify. This is going on now in the United Kingdom in 2o22. Here are some decided on extracts from a up to date article in The Guardian: “Justin Welby, the archbishop of Canterbury and leader of the global Anglican church, has sought to mollify conservative bishops around the world … Read more

Weekly Update: 26-Mar-2022 to 1-Apr-2022

Here’s your Canadian Atheist Weekly Update for 26-Mar-2022 to 1-Apr-2022, This week’s pieces This stuck me utterly through wonder. An excessively delightful wonder, which I in point of fact wanted this month. The British Columbia Humanist Association is arguably the most efficient secularist, humanist, atheist, or freethought group in Canada. I base that on its … Read more

A Meme! I Memed!!! (Jesus Ain’t Coming Back — Sorry!)

What I really like about this little secular “Bible Lesson” is that it presentations that you simply wouldn’t have to be Christian to be well-versed in Christianity. It additionally presentations that if the vast majority of the Christians who fake Jesus is coming again had if truth be told learn their Bibles, they might be … Read more

Queen Elizabeth II Dead at 96

“The Queen died peacefully at Balmoral this afternoon” was once the messaged positioned outdoor of Buckingham Palace. The day many dreaded however knew was once inevitable got here after she changed into extraordinarily frail and was once proven in her closing picture with an excessively darkish hand. Queen Elizabeth II, the Sovereign of Great Britain … Read more

Indoctrinational Apologetics – Randal Rauser

If you truly wish to empower your children, get started by means of rejecting the binary framework that frames each and every disagremeent as the reality vs. “a lie”. People can disagree with you with out “lying”. Yet, this e-book is going via a protracted listing of conservative evangelical bogeymen (eg naturalism skepticism, postmodernism, Marxism, … Read more

hillsong After I finished this publish I clicked my my Fundamentalism hyperlink and used to be reminded that I had learn a part of Tanya’s e-book ultimate yr and posted some ideas bobbing up from it then. I believed this time spherical that a few of it used to be acquainted! Maybe there is nonetheless … Read more

Is the Catholic Church actually transferring sacramental preparation out of faculties? – Atheist

Reports that the Catholic Church in Dublin is to begin transferring the preparation of kids for sacraments out of the study room are welcome, however they’re exaggerated when in comparison to the total coverage report printed by means of the Archdiocese. The complete coverage report says that faculties will proceed to “educate children for the … Read more

Harmful Beliefs Deserve No Respect Even When Justified By Religion

Everyone can call to mind a minimum of one trust gadget which is adverse to human welfare. What I imply by way of “detrimental” on this context is that it results in useless ache and struggling. This does no longer imply it would no longer nonetheless have some certain attributes. But no matter positives would … Read more

Iranian Teens Arrested for Gathering and Wearing an ‘Unsuitable Hijab’ – Atheist Alliance International

Following the general public free up of a video showing a playful gathering of younger other folks on one among Shiraz’s major streets, town’s governor declared that ten persons were detained in reference to the development. The video, which used to be shared on social media on Thursday, June 2, depicts various younger other folks, … Read more

Nonreligious LGBTQ Americans Face Heightened Stigma, Especially in Very Religious Areas

Washington, DC—Today, the civil rights group American Atheists launched an information file entitled Nonreligious LGBTQ People in America, Counting 7,759 nonreligious LGBTQ contributors (22.9% of the just about 34,000-person overall pattern) and arranged by way of a crew of researchers at Strength in Numbers Consulting Group, that is the most important learn about of nonreligious … Read more

Black Atheists

If you need to persuade me you’re pro-life, you wish to have to do something positive about weapons. After Sandy Hook, commonplace sense gun keep an eye on law had a 90% public approval score, however the GOP voted 100% in opposition to it. You may elevate the bullet-torn frame of a lifeless kindergartner onto … Read more

Atheism UK AGM –

For the final couple of years we have now been pressured to level our AGM only on-line moderately than ‘In Real Life’ because of COVID. This 12 months we had was hoping to do each, face-to-face and on-line, and had booked a room at Conway Hall, Central London, for the aim. Unfortunately, we have now … Read more

Politics and faith and faithWashington Post columnist Kathleen Parker’s fawning commentary on Aug. 24 about US Sen. Tim Scott and his new memoir full of “miracles that shaped him” said almost nothing about his political issues.Being informed about his devotion to Christianity and Jesus Christ impresses me not more than being informed of any other baby-kisser’s devotion … Read more

Pope Francis ‘We can not pass backwards…’

Sunday Mass at St. Dominic parish within the Bronx Liturgy is an important prayer of the Church. Christ is provide within the Liturgy each within the particular person of the priest and within the Sacramental sense. Since the onset of Traditionis Custodes, the Liturgy has arise so much amongst Catholic circles. Some see the motu … Read more

An Introduction to God, Science, Ideology (Guest Post with Joseph Hinman) – Randal Rauser

In this visitor put up, Joseph Hinman introduces his new guide God, Science, Ideology, A abstract of my new guide: God, Science, Ideology (GSI) makes the argument that New atheism isn’t clinical in its appraisal of God perception, however makes use of science ideologically. I start with a dialogue of what science is, the title … Read more

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