The situation of the federal government of Persia on the time of the Báb’s “formal assumption… of the authority of the promised Qá’im”

Muhammad Sháh, at so perilous an hour, was once in the meantime impulsively sinking beneath the load of his bodily infirmities. The shallow-minded Hájí Mírzá qásí, now the pivot of state affairs, exhibited a vacillation and incompetence that gave the impression to building up with each extension within the vary of his grave tasks. At one time he would really feel susceptible to reinforce the decision of the ‘ulamás; at every other he would censure their aggressiveness and mistrust their assertions; at but every other, he would relapse into mysticism, and, wrapt in his reveries, lose sight of the gravity of the emergency that faced him.

– Shoghi Effendi (‘God Passes By’)

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