Edited Volume Read Along: How the Digital World Drives Real World Conflict

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The affect of creating era on human lifestyles and society is so huge that it can’t be understated. It influences all spaces of lifestyles for communities all over the world. Despite this ubiquity, peacebuilders frequently bring to mind era as become independent from the world of and forces that generate battle within the bodily global. One approach to conceptualize era is as a device, implicitly impartial however able to getting used for nice excellent or nice evil, relying on how it’s wielded. In their bankruptcy “Understanding Digital Conflict Drivers,” authors Helena Puig Larrauri and Maude Morrison provide a special framework by which to view era. In their view, era isn’t become independent from battle however operates as an integral a part of the forces that pressure battle within the fashionable technology. Technology isn’t inherently unhealthy, however as a vital a part of lifestyles, additionally it is a vital a part of battle.

According to the framework laid out via this bankruptcy, era can pressure battle in 3 primary techniques. The first is Strategic Communication which is using virtual applied sciences to create and unfold content material, comparable to hate speech, incorrect information, and disinformation. Hate speech lacks a forged global definition, however the UN defines it as “any more or less communique in speech, writing or conduct, that assaults or makes use of pejorative or discriminatory language with regards to an individual or a bunch at the foundation of who they’re, in different phrases, in line with their faith, ethnicity, nationality, race, color, descent, gender or different identification elements” (Larrauri and Morrison, 2022, p. 175). This article additionally differentiates between incorrect information and disinformation by way of intent. Misinformation is unfaithful or wrong unfold with out intent to lie to, whilst disinformation is unfold deliberately to offer other folks false knowledge.

The 2d approach that era can pressure battle is thru information control. This can be utilized to focus on and boost up the unfold of content material. Algorithmic profiling, concentrated on, and surveillance are all gear that can be utilized to funnel divisive content material and concepts to those that might be maximum receptive and simply polarized.

The 3rd tactic is categorised networking. This describes the ways in which technological networks assist shape teams and push the ones teams additional aside. This can come with affective polarization, which performs on emotion. It too can come with such things as divisive identification formation, the place other folks outline themselves against every other workforce, or lively recruitment into violence.

Fig. 9.2 Pyramid of virtual battle drivers and respective peacebuilding responses (Larrauri and Morrison, 2022, p.188)

Within their framework, Helena Puig Larrauri and Maude Morrison describe ways in which those forces that pressure battle will also be mitigated. They construction their plan as a pyramid, with essentially the most floor degree and visual facets on the most sensible and the private, maximum intrinsic options forming the bottom. At the highest in degree one, they see the primary issues as hate speech, overt concentrated on, and lively recruitment. These will also be countered with measures stemming from the platforms in use, together with phrases of provider and platform regulations, in addition to respectable content material moderation. At degree two, the problems are outlined via such things as disinformation, identification polarization, and convert concentrated on. The phenomenon of manufactured consensus, when bots are used to artificially make it appear {that a} fringe take is extra extensively authorized than it’s, may be integrated at this degree. Mitigation measures can come with such things as debunking disinformation, social concord campaigns, and integrating social media into peace agreements.

At degree 3, the problems grow to be a lot deeper-seated within the design of social media and people’ psyches. They come with identification building, affective polarization, algorithmic profiling, and intentional incorrect information. These issues can best be combated via overarching methods like updating platform design and extending virtual literacy inside a inhabitants. Policy responses and depolarization efforts will also be hired. It may be at this degree the place the unfavorable affect of the algorithms that display you increasingly more of what you in my opinion wish to see will also be destructive. To struggle this echo chamber impact, algorithms would want to be redesigned. Additionally, countering the set of rules will also be helpful. AdWords on Google are commercials that may be centered at customers who seek for sure phrases or words. Companies and nonprofits can purchase AdWords that display knowledge debunking extremist recruitment without delay to people who find themselves looking phrases associated with extremist violence or teams.

Level 4 comes to societal degree transformations comparable to making improvements to non-violent communique, social concord, and psychological well being. While the pyramid is a great way to turn the prospective affects and answers to era using battle, it additionally presentations simply how integral era will also be to the operating lives and minds of other folks nowadays.

As with the rest that has the prospective to reason and exacerbate battle, era must be deeply tested and used moderately. The framework offered here’s one approach to do so function. The virtual global will have to now not be noticed as completely become independent from bodily violence and conflicts. Each yr the virtual sphere turns into extra entwined with day-to-day lifestyles, and society generally. This shift necessitates that our framework for conceptualizing the function of era should proceed to adapt as neatly.

About the Author:

Stella Hudson is a Graduate Assistant with the Baha’i Chair for World Peace. She graduated from the College of William and Mary in 2021 with a BA in English. She is attending the University of Maryland and pursuing a Master’s of Library and Information Science.

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